Sunday, 7 April 2013


We spent a week with my sister over Easter and of course when the car was packed my sewing machine took pride of place. In all my enthusiasm I even made lists for what was planned for each day envisioning myself sitting sewing whisking out project after project. HAHAHAHA ... one can but dream. Of course family days, beach days and Easter just happened to shatter that little daydream. 

The crazy cousins together and Erin having the bestest of times!

BUT ... I did manage some sewing ... a ballet bag ... two little girls totes and a little quilting around ...

Packed in was a layer cake that I just could not resist purchasing a few weeks ago. Basic Grey's "little BLACK DRESS" ... what a divine combination of shades of black and cream. Where else to get some inspiration than MODA BAKESHOP. I knew I wanted to do HSTs and had pinwheels in the back of my mind but after a quick search I came upon Kari Ramsay's (Fresh Cut Quilts Pattern Co.) tutorial for a lap quilt using HSTs and changed my mind. It was the first time I had used a layer cake and oh what joy not having to cut out before being able to sew!

I divided the pack into lights and darks ... oohing and aahing at the stunning prints! Taking a light and a dark, I pinned them right sides together and sewed all the way round the edge. So simple! Then cut them on both diagonals to form half square triangles.

Pretty soon I had a pack of HSTs. Having by this stage just about taken over my sisters craft studio I played around with the layout on her table and started sewing guiltily at each spare moment I could spare. Trying to be there for everyone it's kinda hard dividing your attention between everyone and still trying to spare a little time for yourself doing what you love. I feel so guilty and perhaps that's why I end up doing most of my sewing when everyone is asleep. Do you also feel guilty sewing when there is always so much else vying for your time ... things to be done and people to be with? I wonder why we feel guilty taking some time out for ourselves or is it just me? Mmmm ... back to sewing ... far cheaper than a therapist!

By the end of the visit I had managed to sew all the HSTs together into 12½" blocks.

Easter break over and back home, hopefully there will be some time soon to complete my quilt top. We had a stunning visit with lots of fun with family and great Easter memories ...  and the cherry on top ... me time for some quilting around!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!

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