Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pimping my Eggs for Easter

I just love all celebrations and tend to use them as an excuse to completely go overboard submerge myself in some craftiness and creativity. So with Easter around the corner what better excuse. My daughter is in Grade 2 and with each celebration day we do a crafty gift together to give to her classmates. For valentines day we got some inspiration from pinterest of course and did the "Valentine Butterfly" I'm sure you've all seen around ... 

While getting all easter inspired on Pinterest (yes ... am raising my hand to confess to being an addict) I came across a pin of a cupcake with a bunny ears topper. Yay ... the bunny ears was a free printable. Don'tya just love those! You can find the printable here I had bought some easter eggs to play around with and came up with a pimped up egg which is perfect for a little easter gift for her classmates. 

Easter egg + goggle eyes + heart gem + fluff ball + ears = one pimped up egg
Bunny Mugg Shots 
One down and 23 more to go ... 


  1. Just wanted to add.. Love these eggs and I have created a link to your blog in my fave blogs list.. :)

    1. Hi Christina ... Thanks so much for your comments and link! It's so nice to know people take the time to read your blog and leave a comment. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Erica at Sew So Crafty -x-

  2. Oh wow, that bunny is super cute! Those Valentine butterflies are pretty impressive too!


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