Tuesday, 12 March 2013

From a wonderful world to a world turned upside down ...

Okay ... so over a year AWOL! Where to start. Well the last post where I was crooning along with "What a Wonderful World" came to a rather abrupt end. The moral of the story ... don't tempt fate! To make a long story short ...lesson to self ... watch out for business partners that seem too good to be true ... coz I tell you what ... they are too good too be true! So one year later I am ... minus previous business partner, add to that major loss due to aforementioned partner, new business flying solo and many bumps, bruises and scrapes along the way! BUT a constant among the numerous changes ... YEP ... my crafts! (and of course my wonderful man and daughter well most of the time.. and em ... not necessarily in that order). So I'm feeling rather happy with life right now and thought it was time to dust myself off and climb back in the saddle and say HOWDEE everyone!

Towards the end of last year a craft project that sort of landed in my lap was a "simple, little gift" from my daughter's class to their mothers as a end of year gift. Her teacher, knowing my rather fond attachment to my sewing machine enlisted my help. The children had spent the year being Earth Angels and she thought it would be cute to make shopper totes embellished by some fabric artwork by each child. Well if you know me you will know that nothing stays simple when I'm involved and I will accept full responsibility here but this simple little project grew to enormous proportions!

Laying in bed this simple little tote grew into a burlap shopper tote to tie in with the earth angel theme. Then this burlap shopper tote, albeit rustic, grew a calico pocket detail with an iron on transfer of the children's artwork ... nope not enough yet ... magically appear a ruffle detail and wait for it ... a detachable flower brooch WITH beaded tassel ... and not just one but 24 for each child. No not enough yet I decide that the teacher and principal should also get one! Going to sleep with a smile on my face this all sounded wonderful. Until amongst the year end rush these 26 bags had to become a reality. Burnt fingers (thanks to my glue gun) and bleary eyed they were finally finished with a little help from my man.
Very rustic burlap shopper tote with box pleat ... the inspiration & the progress


Oh did I forget to mention that I also thought stamping with StazOn ink would look good ... picture black stained fingers and mutterings trying to centre and space the letters. The kids did a handprint on the back of the bag to personalise it ... another of my midnight ideas!

Burlap Shopper Bags in varying stages of completion ... doesn't the kid's artwork look great!
Move over Ryan Gosling ... I have my own "Hey Girl Guy"


  1. Hi Erica.. Glad things are now improving in your world.. Just wanted to say that the burlap bags a great, will be some very thrilled and proud mammas when they go shopping with these... Well done!!

  2. Hi Erica,

    This is SUCH a lovely idea! And I laugh at how it grew in your head! I am always making things more complicated too!! Also, have a 2nd grader and often getting roped into school sewing projects!!

    Glad we could connect!



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