Monday, 18 March 2013

Sewing for Sanity

Sewing is my therapist. I can be in the worst mood or have had the most awful day but when I start immersing myself in a project and the creative juices start flowing and there is just so much gorgeous fabric to choose from ... then all that reality just fades away. And yes, sometimes there are curses coming from my sewing room and my "hey girl guy" has come in  telling me to take a break as I can't possibly be enjoying it and then looks at me completely puzzled as I respond emphatically that I am loving it. You see ... I know that you completely understand that even when you have to unstitch or have sewn the lining on wrong side facing ... well it still beats a day at the office so to speak. Yep ... so guys ... like your worst day on the golf course is still better than a day at the office ... the same applies to us. Oh and in case you were wondering about my "hey girl guy" reference. Well unlike Ryan Gosling my guy actually does all those amasing things ...  like burn himself on the glue gun while helping me make fabric flowers or going to the quilting shop with me knowing full well what he is in for. So for being so fantastic I have named him my "hey girl guy"!

But I digress ... So as I was saying, my therapist, although not cheap is infinitely more satisfying. The sessions in therapy will be lifelong if you see the list of projects and tutorials earmarked to do. One of the benefits is rarely having to buy a gift as what better excuse than to embark on one of those projects. One such project that I was wanting to tackle was out of "Sweetwater's Simple Home" book. The market tote bag made from burlap. Of course I made changes but it was the source of my inspiration ... (by the way ... don't you just LOVE Sweetwater's creations)!

Taking an idea from a book and adding a personal touch.
I just love this floral linen with the burlap!

I used a burgundy topstitch to pick up the roses and added a detachable brooch to "style it up" a bit.
Ta-da ... the finished product ... which is always a little hard to part with!


  1. Totally agree - doesn't the act of creating just take us that little tiny bit closer to our fulfilled dreams & just make us better .... us?? Sewing right along side ya & loving this tote!

  2. I agree too Erica.. Love the tote bags you are making..they look great and big enough to take with you when buying fabric Lol... :)


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