Saturday, 14 January 2012

BAG IT ...

Have you ever made a gift for someone & then loved it so much you couldn't give it away! My daughter was going to her friends birthday party the next day & I decided in the evening to make a little extra something to add to the gift. My sidekick was away on business & Little Miss E had just gone to bed ... YAY ... me time to sew! First of course I had to spend ages roaming blogland for cute tutorials & needless to say got sidetracked a couple of times by gorgeous creations by inspirational bloggers. BUT eventually came across Ayumi's ( from Pink Penguin) cute lunch bag tutorial found here. Music on, time to myself, cute bag to make ... heaven! Well close ... add the chocolate & it would be seventh heaven (wonders to self what heavens one to six are about)! Hmmm ... while I am discussing chocolate I have a confession to make ... I am an absolute chocoholic & have huge cravings for the damn stuff. I have even been caught with my hand in my daughters sweet jar ... not a pretty picture I know! BUT I digress ... back to sewing. I had such fun sewing up this little bag. I used a pink check for the lining, the cutest girly princess fabric for the main bag & a pink star fabric for the handles etc. You see ... that's why you can never have enough stash because you just may need it for an impulsive project. Feel much better now that I have justified my other craving!!! Well, after completing the bag around 2am I was most impressed with myself & spent ages admiring my handiwork. Funny that ... was wondering where Miss E gets her lack of modesty. But isn't it lovely when you sew something & everything goes right ... no unstitching ... no cursing ... (of course I don't do that she says as she adjusts her slipping halo)! Well I thought it turned out sooooo well & looked soooo cute that I couldn't bear to part with it & justified my very bad behaviour by telling myself that the six year old friend couldn't possibly appreciate this little hand made bag. Yup ... I bagged it instead. Better to buy her a little extra something. I know ... quite terrible ... but looking at it as I write this blog I am oh so pleased that I still have this little creation to inspire me! Thanks Ayumi & all the crafty ladies who generously share their tutorials!


  1. hi there!!! thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words! Congrats on your newborn blog and your lovely crafts!
    a big hug


    ps no I didn't sew the runner myself.. every now and again is much easier to find pretty things ready made in the shops :)))

  2. Oh what a sweet little bag and I so don't blame you for keeping will appreciate it so much more and I love the fact you stayed awake until 2am and that you had a big enough fabric stash to work from...a woman after my own heart!
    Kiss Noises Linda


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