Monday, 9 January 2012

Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time in blogland ... on the 9th of January 2012 to be precise, there was a very happy & excited newbie blogger. For she had at long last found the magic door & entered into blogland! Ok ... you can rewind the disney intro BUT seriously I am SEW very excited to have finally got my A into G and taken the first steps into blogland ... and can already cross off an entry from my 2012 New Year's To Do List ...YAY (doing the happy dance again).

So to begin with intros ... I am a young lady at heart, energetic, scrapaholic, quiltaholic, craft junkie with a passion for plants and lucky to have found a great guy as a sidekick & have an energetic little 6 year old 6½ year old big girl that keeps me on my toes. Sew ... in a nutshell ... sew much to do & sew little time to do it in. Fortunately my passion for plants is fulfilled during the day as I am a horticulturist and co-own a nursery. I grow all the plants I want to & also love landscaping & pottering about in my garden. My passion for crafts is fortunately for my finances limited to scrapbooking & sewing in what little spare time I have available. Hopefully all you lovely crafters out there can vouch for me & I can have it in print that I am not the only crafter that has the affliction of never having enough stash (hee hee). Do you ever guiltily rush into the house after a shopping spree & quickly hide your new lovely stash amongst the old stuff to disguise it? "Oh this old stuff" you blush, crossing your fingers behind your back ... okay maybe not quite so bad but you get the picture I'm sure! Oh yes ... somewhere in there is me also desperately trying to juggle my time to stay fit & in shape (note to self ... the treadmill is your friend!!!)

Now for a brief look at a few of my "sew so crafty" creations that I have whisked (yeah right) into life lately ...

Tilda Bunny

Tilda Doll

Bunny Cushion
Due to my bloggery inexperience, apologies for the quality & technical ability ... we can only hope it improves with time as the mere fact that I am actually blogging & up & running is quite an achievement! Tomorrow I shall let you have a peek at a few more of my creations & put in writing for all to see what my "sew so crafty" ambitions are for this year so that I am committed ... hmmm ... maybe that will work for the exercising as well ... nah ... bad idea!

I bid you adieu for now, as there is a tired little girl that needs to be tucked up into bed & a big girl that has her sewing machine calling her ...


  1. Welcome to blogland. I'm sure you will find it fun and inspiring.

  2. Hiya sis,congratulations!!may all your bloggie dreams come true,and may you meet many wonderful,like-minded bloggers.Love you lots!


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