Sunday, 22 January 2012

Gifts from the Heart ... and a great day out!

"It is better to give than to receive" ... I don't know where that quote comes from BUT I'm not quite sure I agree. I love giving but receiving feels pretty darn good too don't ya think! So onto the giving & the pretty good feeling you give the person who receives it too. I love making quick little gifts that I place in my "creations box" for those moments when you want to add to a gift, have forgotton someone's birthday & need something quick to give or simply for an impromptu gift to make someone feel extra special. Of course as mentioned before this box also holds those items that I don't really need myself or can't even use but simply don't want to part with ... pretty sure there is some psychologist out there that would have a field day with that BUT once again I digress ... I love making this fridge calender which is a really quick, easy gift that friends really love. They simply stick a jumbo photo (10x15cm / 4x6") onto the calender which can be replaced during the year & place it onto the fridge. It has monthly calender tear off pages & of course magnets on the back. I always have one on my fridge & it makes a really cute gift to give at christmas time or to start the year with. Also great to give to teachers at the end of the year.
Another great gift idea are the Tilda hearts which I have fun with using all sorts of scraps & even scent them with essential oils ...
Another great feeling other than giving & receiving is I hate to admit it ... buying stash!!! (furtively looks around for that lurking psychologist). Yesterday I spent a glorious Saturday with my like-minded sister doing not bar hopping but quilt shop hopping. Sighs in ecstacy! All those fabrics ... spending hours stroking, admiring & contemplating what to buy. Day dreaming about what projects & creations to turn those gorgeuos fabrics into. Wondering about what course to do next that is on offer ... and as much as I love my sidekick, best of all is being able to spend ages deciding on what fabrics to buy without him waiting in the car or even worse keeping an eye on me in the shop anxiously checking his watch & wallet!!! I wonder if anyone out there has the same experience :-). I am fortunate however as Mr E or as I fondly like to call him ... my sidekick ... supports all my addictions to my crafts with utmost patience & though he may not quite ooh & aah as much as I would like & may not quite understand how I can spend quite so much time choosing fabrics & notions is also my greatest fan & is very enthusiastic about all my creations!!! After buying all our lovely goodies my sister & I ended the day with pizza & wine at a cute little place. Could this day have got any better ... oh yes ... don't you just love arriving home with your purchases & admiring them all over again!!!

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