Wednesday, 11 January 2012


No seriously ... being a horticulturist I am always wishing for rain for my nursery plants ... but really ... the big guy up there got the message wrong or the gremlins are laughing their heads off. Yesterday we had a HUGE storm ... I mean humungous (arms stretched out wide). The whole shebang ... thunder, lightening, hail stones & rain & rain & rain. Staying in a thatched farm house is all great & wonderful until a massive thunderstorm has you running for buckets & towels. Of course as Murphy would have it I had a leak on the shelf above my sewing table ... my precious Tilda books got wet (flash to Lord of the Rings Baynesfield... Smee Erica rocking back & forth hugging the ring wet Tilda books & muttering "my precious" ... ok ... not so bad but still ranking up there). Alas also the VERY temperamental wireless internet connection went running into hiding at the first drops of rain. Living in a rural area is such fun ... most of the time. So my blog entry did not happen last night due to "an act of nature". A day late but better late than never ...

My ambitions from little old me for my "Sew So Crafty" blog is to be able to share my passions with like minded people who appreciate what goes into hand crafted creations. Of course the ultimate would be for my creations & crafts to be wildly in demand & become a small sideline business (the violins stop playing ... the mist suddenly clears & my backside hurts like hell as I come down to earth with a bang!) BUT ... one can dream & when one dreams, possibilities are endless!

As promised another peek at one of my creations held up by little Miss E ...
In payment for holding up my quilt, Little Miss E asked me to take a photo of her showing off her new tap shoes. Just to inform you that these days child labour has their own union with lots of terms & conditions. So in fulfilling said terms ... here is the aspiring dancer who has been driving us mad tapping away since she laid eyes on these tappy heel shoes. We also have been informed after viewing the umpteenth performance that ... "I am very good of tap dancing!" ... modesty is not her shortcoming!


  1. You go little miss "E"... and big Mrs "E".Love the quilt!Show us sum of yer planties luv!!and yer gorgeous views and dam ,when uv got sum thyme(scuz the pun)!

  2. Hi Erica, thanks for your comment on my blog so I came for a return visit.... this year will be my year of scraps.... lovely to see your pretty model Miss E and read you..... wellcome to blogland and I hope you have lots of fun ..... I couldn't reply to the email as you are set to 'no reply - those are all things you will sort out as you go....


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